Our Partners

To meet the goals Expressing Vibrancy sets out to achieve, is was essential that CoBALT Connects partner with innovative organizations and individuals who will bring to the project world-class equipment, research laboratories, and a wealth of expertise in relevant fields. 

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Crunch Lab

Led by Dr. Jim Dunn, Acting Department Chair in McMaster University’s Department of Health, Aging and Society, the CRUNCH Lab brings expertise in neighbourhoods, built environments and the overall relationships of each to health. Through this work, Dr. Dunn has developed a mobile research lab with an urban video recording system developed by Immersive Media, a Canadian company specializing in capturing 360-degree interactive video content. This world-class equipment will allow Expressing Vibrancy to collect and record audio and visual data from the eight neighbourhoods in a way that researchers haven't been able to previously.

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The LIVE Lab

Founded and led by Dr. Laurel Trainor, Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, McMaster University, the LIVE Lab marries technology and research in a performance hall setting capable of measuring the biometric responses of its audience members. Bringing the qualitative, quantitative, and audio-visual material to life in the Lab - which will create a truly immersive experience for its audience - will mean Expressing Vibrancy can measure the reactions and perceptions of those experiencing each neighbourhood, thus adding another rich layer of data to the study. 

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Centre for Community Study

This Hamilton-based social enterprise has extensive experience conducting community research for stakeholders in public policy and city planning, both locally and nationally. Locally, it has generated extensive information and used spatial analysis to gain a better understanding of Hamilton's creative economy and urban revitalization. Working with a variety of data, including from the City of Hamilton, the Centre for Community Study will analyze the districts in order to demonstrate their relative strengths in terms of vibrancy.

Love your city

City of Hamilton

Using data collected by the Tourism and Culture Division, Expressing Vibrancy will utilize available information that identifies cultural indicators, and will use that information to build its own foundation of study. The City of Hamilton recently completed its own cultural plan, titled Love Your City, which positions culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development.  The City continues to develop strategies that use culture as a tool for city-building and has launched an official music strategy, a collaborative, community-based initiative, having identified creative industries as an importance economic force in the city.