Expressing Vibrancy - Downtown Sudbury

May 16, 2016

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This summer Expressing Vibrancy is heading North to work with the Downtown Sudbury BIA and the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation.

Last October we came to Sudbury and started the process by rolling out the TAKING STOCK phase of work.  This saw two Cobalt staff walking the streets for days counting hundreds of points of information.  TAKING STOCK sets a baseline for the assets in the community.  Everything from graffit to public art, restaurants to churches, urban braille to potted plants - even Sudbury's unique sidewalk patio locations.

With this baseline data in hand we're now excited to moving on to ACTIVE EXPLORATION.  In this phase we invite hundreds of local residents of all ages to join us in exmploring the streets of Downtown Sudbury.  Each participant engages in a street and completes a standardized 20 question survey that covers what the see, hear, smell and experience while enjoying downtown.

For this stage to be a success we need to engage Sudbury residents of all ages, incomes, edcuation levels, ethnicities, gender identities and cultural roots.  We need a true representation of the local population.

We hope you'll join us in August and we invite you to register for a session here

For more information on how your organization or community can get involved connect with us via email at through our Contact page.