Expressing Vibrancy goes National

December 29, 2014

Obia image

The Ontario Business Improvement Area Association represents over 200 BIAs across the province.  With a combined budget of more than $45M and a few hundred employees, BIAs can have an incredible impact on the succesful development of a neighbourhood.

With Expressing Vibrancy focusing its work on the cultural identity of commercial areas, including BIAs, the OBIA is very interested in sharing the learning of our study.

In April of 2015 Cobalt Connects will be one of the lead presentations for the 2015 National BIA conference, presenting its findings to more than 200 BIA delegates from across the country.

You can learn more about the conference at:

Cobalt is very excited about this opportunity as we plan to launch our EV Expansion Program at the conference, inviting 15-20 BIAs from outside Hamilton into the process.  This will provide valuable comparable data between communities, and allow the project to include rural commuities, two-teir municipalities and other urban centres into the project.



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